According to Medical Identity Fraud Alliance, in 2013 more than 1.8 million people fell prey to medical identity theft. A hacker can steal your medical information leaving you with a fatal prescription while getting themselves treated at your expense, leaving […]

There’s no pill that can protect you from medical identity theft, which can kill you. Literally. If you feel like you are starting to get the flu, going to the doctor’s office can get you some medicine and get you […]

Medical identity theft, like financial identity theft, is on the rise. But there’s one major difference. Your life is on the line, literally. As I write this, I am staring at the fat folder placed on the corner of my […]

Attention all healthcare organizations: In case you haven’t noticed, your data is under siege from increasingly prevalent and sophisticated threats. Cyber-attacks aimed at stealing protected health information (PHI) are currently popping up all over the country, the most recent examples […]

With Hack Attacks Occurring at an Alarming Rate, How Are You Gearing Up to Combat Medical ID Theft? The business of healthcare fraud is booming, fueling an outbreak of medical ID theft and a new wave of security risks for […]

Thieves only need your name and health insurance ID number to pretend they’re you. They use your insurance to either feed their prescription drug habit or file false claims and make quick cash. Here are the warning signs you’ve become […]

There are two things in your house right now you should protect at all costs: your health insurance card and prescription pill bottles. In the wrong hands, they are a license to steal. Jo Ellen Abou-Nader has seen it all […]

If someone has stolen your medical identity, the AARP says they can use your insurance to buy medicine, devices and even pay for surgeries in your name. It’s important to make sure that all charges you receive are legitimate and […]

CIO: Today It’s a Totally Different Kind of Attack Two years ago, a Utah Department of Health server was breached, allegedly by Eastern European hackers, and 780,000 individuals were impacted. Last month, the Montana health department confirmed a server breach […]

A massive health data breach is on the horizon, security experts say, that points to lackluster response to growing threats both by the industry and in Congress, according to Politico. Healthcare is the industry least-prepared for a cyberattack, according to […]