It’s bad enough when some scammer gets your credit card, but what happens when they steal your access to health care? Even worse, what if that person is a member of your family or a member of the health care […]

Almost half of Americans’ sensitive health information have been disclosed in data breaches increasing their risk of medical identity theft and medical fraud. Medical identity theft is the worst possible outcome for consumers affected by a breach of health information […]

An estimated 2.3 million adults were affected by medical identity theft last year. Some hospitals are turning to new technology such as biometric screening to confirm patient identities. Click here to watch the video. Click here to read the related […]

The fast-growing crime of medical identity theft is being fueled by the proliferation of electronic medical records and a sharp increase in data breaches at insurers and health care providers. Crooks obtain or steal millions of Americans’ personal data, including […]

Thieves use stolen personal data to get treatment, drugs, medical equipment. Kathleen Meiners was puzzled when a note arrived last year thanking her son Bill for visiting Centerpoint Medical Center in Independence, Mo. Soon, bills arrived from the hospital for […]

Identity fraud expert Adam Levin, chairman of IDT911, provides context for identity theft threats. Last weekend, TheUpshot published the most dangerous identity theft threat: the non-expert’s tendency to underestimate the magnitude of problem. The piece in question argued that the […]

Review doctor and health insurer notices to preempt the problem. The Problem A crook uses health insurance information to get medical care and prescription drugs in your name. Medical ID theft is hazardous not only to your finances—in the form […]

The data potentially exposed includes names, phone numbers, mailing addresses, user names, hashed passwords, security questions and answers, email addresses, birthdates, Social Security numbers, lab results, health insurance policy information, diagnoses, disability codes, doctors’ names, medical conditions, and spouses’ and […]

What’s in your wallet? If you’re a senior, you probably have a Medicare card that a thief can sell for a much higher price on the black market than any of your credit cards. Social Security numbers are printed on […]

Which industry suffers the most data breaches each year? Retail, maybe? Or banking and finance? In fact, for the past several years the answer has been the healthcare industry—and that has meant a dramatic rise in medical identity theft. According […]