Identity theft doesn’t just mean that thieves can rack up bills for things like clothes, food and gas; a stolen identity or credit card can also result in huge medical bills for services that you never received. Resolving these bills […]

Medical identity theft has been compared to the wild west for hackers. The crime is largely new and uncharted territory and happens when someone steals an individual’s personal information to obtain health care. Medical Identity theft is a lot like […]

Medical identity theft and medical fraud are on the rise and you could be the main cause! COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) In a February study by the Ponemon Institute – which conducts independent research on information security – 2.3 million adults […]

Hackers and data thieves are targeting the healthcare industry — including dental practices — at an increasing rate. Recent studies show the following: Out of five industry categories, the medical/healthcare industry had the most data breaches in 2014 — for […]

Recognized for developing an innovative approach to data breach response. Meredith Phillips, chief information privacy & security officer at Henry Ford Health System in Michigan, was presented the PHI Hero Award at the 2016 PHI Protection Network Conference in Philadelphia […]

A year after an NBC Bay Area investigation prompted Santa Clara authorities to pursue a man accused racking up tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills using his brother’s identity, a judge sentenced Gary Wayne Bogle to 16 months […]

One security expert estimates that one in three Americans had their personal health information exposed in 2015, a year that saw four of the five largest health network breaches in history. The largest health care privacy breach in Ohio occurred […]

Annual Award Honors Leaders Who Have Made Significant Contributions to Privacy and Security; Conference Addresses Cyber Threats and New Approaches to Safeguard Health Information. PHILADELPHIA — March 3, 2016 — Rising cyber risks and new threats to healthcare data require […]

While individuals can’t do much to control someone hacking into their insurance company’s network, experts say there are ways to protect yourself from this costly and potentially life-threatening type of identity fraud. Healthcare-related data breaches and medical identity theft and […]

The victim lost much more than his financial information — his entire medical history was hijacked as well. The victim, Ronnie Bogle, lost much more than his financial information — his entire medical history was hijacked as well. Bogle lives […]