HIPAA audits are coming, and a lot of unprepared providers are going to be caught with their pants down. The audit mandate, an extension of the HITECH Act, means that any provider subject to HIPAA standards is also subject to […]

Medical ID theft is dangerous for your bank account, but it can also threaten your health. According to the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance, last year more than 2 million Americans were victims of medical identity theft. On average, each victim […]

Four senators are asking the Department of Health and Human Services what it’s doing to prevent data breaches at provider and payer organizations. In a letter to Andy Slavitt, acting administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and […]

Letter Demands Details on Efforts to ‘Support and Protect’ Victims. In the wake of massive health data breaches, four U.S. senators are demanding that the Department of Health and Human Services provide details about how it tracks medical identity theft […]

Medical identity theft and medical fraud are on the rise and you could be the main cause! In a February study by the Ponemon Institute – which conducts independent research on information security – 2.3 million adults had someone fraudulently […]

Health Care Providers and Plans Have a Mandate Protected health information (PHI) must be kept secure, yet the number of data breaches in the health care vertical is ever-increasing, as are the costs of dealing with the aftermath of losing […]

Predictive analytics is the catchphrase of the last several years in healthcare. It assists insurers in identifying gaps in care, and it helps hospitals reduce surgical infections. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of 21st century tools. In terms of healthcare […]

Hackers’ relentless attacks leave victims feeling helpless. Theft of personal information has become so commonplace it seems only a matter of time before the next big breach is announced. Hackers have compromised the identities of millions of people in the […]

Medical identity theft to submit fraudulent health insurance claims has increased 21% in 2014 compared with 2013. The average cost per victim was $13,500 and about 200 hours of effort to resolve the problem. Sadly, only 10% report a satisfactory […]

Budgets are still geared toward IT systems, although personnel is becoming a strategic priority. The healthcare industry is devoting more money toward preventing and mitigating medical identity fraud, the majority of which is still going to new fraud detection software, […]