Membership in the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance (MIFA) is available to the following entities:

  • Health Plan Providers: includes health insurers, managed care organizations, self-insured/self administered organizations, third-party administrators and other similar organizations.
  • Healthcare Providers: includes organizations that furnish, or are paid for healthcare related services in the normal course of business.
  • Healthcare Support Services Providers: includes “Business Associates” and organizations that are primarily involved in providing support services to Health Plans or Healthcare Providers.
  • Technology Service Providers: includes organizations that provide technology or services that assist organizations in maintaining the privacy and security of information and mitigating the impact of disclosures of information.
  • Professional Services Providers: includes individuals and organizations that provide professional services such as legal, accounting and consulting services.

To apply for Membership, please complete the MIFA Membership Application and return it to

Member Dues

Annual dues are based on the organizations market capital (if publicly traded) or net revenue (if privately held).

Market Capitol or Net Revenue Annual Dues
$50B+ $20,000
$10B – $49.99B $15,000
$500M – $9.99B $10,000
$100M – $499.99M $5,000
Under $100M $2,500
MIFA Membership Application


Strategic Partnership in the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance (MIFA) is available by invitation only to the following entities:

  • Government Agencies: including both state and federal law enforcement, regulatory and those policy and administrative agencies responsible for healthcare related issues.
  • Consumer Organizations: advocating on behalf of consumers.
  • Academia: including institutions of higher learning.
  • Research: Including organizations responsible for benchmarking and research activities.
  • Industry Associations: including those focused on issues associated with the healthcare, information technology, privacy, risk management and fraud reduction.

You are not eligible for Strategic Partnership if you are a healthcare provider, sell healthcare services, technology service provider or product vendor.

To apply for Strategic Partnership, please complete the MIFA Strategic Partner Application and return it to

Strategic Partner Eligibility


To be eligible to become a Strategic Partner, organizations must be a public or nonprofit organization willing to provide, in lieu of a fee to participate, expertise and resources necessary to support the MIFA mission.

Strategic Partner Application