Hacker Takes Credit for Theft of Data on 655,000 Patients A hacker is reportedly selling on the dark web copies of databases stolen from three unidentified U.S. healthcare organizations containing data on 655,000 individuals for prices ranging from about $96,000 to $386,000 in bitcoin for each database. The hacker taking credit, who calls himself “thedarkoverlord,” is operating on the TheRealDeal dark web marketplace and is offering to sell “a unique one-off copy of each of the three databases,” according to dark net news reporting website DeepDot Web. Media website The Daily Dot, which says it examined TheRealDeal listings for the […]

Medical identity theft can be a nightmare for those unlucky enough to become victim to it. The repercussions of this theft can endanger your life at the time you need medical assistance the most. Stats reveal that well over two million Americans have become victims of this scourge. Medical identity theft refers to the theft of your personal information such as name, Social Security Number (SSN) or Medicare number in order to obtain medical services, purchase drugs, or submit fake billings to Medicare using your name. Medical identity theft has a number of far-reaching consequences for victims. For starters, it […]

Identity theft doesn’t just mean that thieves can rack up bills for things like clothes, food and gas; a stolen identity or credit card can also result in huge medical bills for services that you never received. Resolving these bills is a headache that may take months or even years. How does this kind of fraud happen? As is the case with other goods purchased using a stolen card or identity, it’s fairly easy for thieves to charge unauthorized medical services to you once your personal information has been compromised. This can happen in a variety of ways, including stolen […]

Medical identity theft has been compared to the wild west for hackers. The crime is largely new and uncharted territory and happens when someone steals an individual’s personal information to obtain health care. Medical Identity theft is a lot like credit card theft with one major difference. A victim can cancel a card and freeze their credit, but they can’t cancel their medical history. Especially in cases of a medical emergency, experts warn a compromised medical identity could be deadly. Important information like prescription medications, pre-existing conditions and allergies, all used by doctors to make determinations about an individual’s care, […]

Informed, empowered employees can be your best defense in shielding sensitive information When it comes to protecting your organization’s most sensitive data, it can be easy to focus on the role of technology. While technical controls are indeed essential, they by no means should be your only approach to ensuring data privacy. This is especially true when it comes to “visual” privacy, which is the protection of sensitive and private information shown on your display and paper form. Threats to visual privacy are plentiful as companies’ information has become more vulnerable than ever. For starters, employees more frequently use mobile […]

Medical identity theft and medical fraud are on the rise and you could be the main cause! COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) In a February study by the Ponemon Institute – which conducts independent research on information security – 2.3 million adults had someone fraudulently using their personal health information for medical services in 2014. That’s up 21 percent from the year before. Think it can’t happen in Georgia or South Carolina? A woman in the Atlanta area of Kennesaw fell victim. She did not want to go on camera. She did tell the Wall Street Journal someone used her social security […]

One in six million people will become the victim of medical identity theft in the next five years. Bryan Laskin joined 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS’ Tom Durian to talk about ways to prevent becoming a victim of the largest growing form of identity theft. Click here to watch the newscast. April 16, 2016 by KSTP 5 News ABC

Amid a flurry of cyber attacks in which hackers have demanded ransom payments from health systems, a top executive at Northwell Health met with FBI officials and federal prosecutors on Wednesday to discuss how law enforcement can help combat this persistent and growing threat. Northwell Health, the largest private employer in the state, is attacked unsuccessfully millions of times each month by computer programs and programmers looking for a way into their system, said John Bosco, the company’s senior vice president and chief information officer. Northwell is hardly unique. Health systems have for some time been favorite targets for bad […]

Security chief Meredith Phillips says the health system reorganized internally to more effectively manage and secure 60,000 medical and Internet of Things devices, and to strongly position itself to handle evolving threats, such as ransomware. Henry Ford Health System is taking far-reaching steps to block insidious cybersecurity threats against Internet of Things technologies and medical devices. IoT and medical devices – well known to be soft spots in terms of privacy and security – are particularly tricky because most manufacturers have not yet incorporated robust security features into them. “Organizations must examine if they have their clinical engineering department positioned […]

There is one particular kind of identity theft that has increased 125 percent in just the past few years. Your medical records and insurance information are each made up of important details about your identity and thieves are looking for ways to get to it. “Medical ID theft is absolutely huge because there’s so many ways you can take patient ID information and use it to get prescription drugs, they use it to commit insurance fraud so they’ll feign some type of injury or something like that and try to pocket as much money as they can,” said Dave Carattini, […]