Whether digital or paper records, personal health information should be handled with the same vigilance as financial records to guard against theft and fraud. Although often taken for granted, good health is treasure without equal. Personal health information is also […]

Medical identity theft is an overlooked but pervasive crime that’s on the rise. Most savvy consumers are already on the lookout for online identity theft and are proactive about protecting their finances, but medical identity theft is an overlooked but […]

One Grand Valley woman almost falls victim to a Medicare scam, and now she’s sharing her story so the same thing doesn’t happen to you. A Grand Junction, Colo., woman who lives alone was moments away from falling victim to […]

This report uses new data arising from consumer medical identity theft complaint reporting and medical data breach reporting to analyze and document the geography of medical identity theft and its growth patterns. Medical identity theft has existed in various forms […]

Cyber crime is quickly becoming one of the greatest threats to businesses, government institutions and individuals. This year alone, victims of one type, ransomware, lost $5 billion dollars. In the world of the dark web, 2017 is defined by devastating […]

2017 Know Your Patient (KYP) Training Guide This training deck for use by healthcare providers to aid in their understanding of medical identity fraud and to inform their processes regarding patient identity. Key points include: 1. Definition of Know Your […]

If you have Medicare, you can protect your identity and help prevent health care fraud by guarding your Medicare card like you would a credit card. Identity theft arising from stolen Medicare numbers is becoming more common. Medicare is in […]

High-profile data breaches are making headlines, and affected consumers are no-doubt on high alert when it comes to their credit, banking, and brokerage accounts—but have you thought about the relation between identity theft and medical care? According to the Federal […]

You check your credit and bank statements regularly, don’t give out your Social Security number to anyone, and are scrupulous about avoiding phishing emails and online scams. But have you checked your doctor’s bill lately? According to the Identity Theft […]

Identity theft has become increasingly more common in recent years. What Medical Identity Theft Really Is Medical identity theft is a specific category of identity theft crime that involves the stealing of a name and/or health insurance numbers in order […]