Cybercriminals increasingly are using stolen medical records for other types of identity theft beyond health-care fraud, including filing fraudulent tax returns. Last year, almost 100 million health-care records were compromised, making them a hacker’s No. 1 target, according to a […]

A year after an NBC Bay Area investigation prompted Santa Clara authorities to pursue a man accused racking up tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills using his brother’s identity, a judge sentenced Gary Wayne Bogle to 16 months […]

One security expert estimates that one in three Americans had their personal health information exposed in 2015, a year that saw four of the five largest health network breaches in history. The largest health care privacy breach in Ohio occurred […]

Annual Award Honors Leaders Who Have Made Significant Contributions to Privacy and Security; Conference Addresses Cyber Threats and New Approaches to Safeguard Health Information. PHILADELPHIA — March 3, 2016 — Rising cyber risks and new threats to healthcare data require […]

While individuals can’t do much to control someone hacking into their insurance company’s network, experts say there are ways to protect yourself from this costly and potentially life-threatening type of identity fraud. Healthcare-related data breaches and medical identity theft and […]

The victim lost much more than his financial information — his entire medical history was hijacked as well. The victim, Ronnie Bogle, lost much more than his financial information — his entire medical history was hijacked as well. Bogle lives […]

Thieves steal health insurance numbers to gain access to prescribed drugs, to see medical practitioners or to file claims with your health insurance provider. According to the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance, over two million Americans were victims of medical identity […]

A family in Cumming spent five months trying to figure out who got an MRI and stuck them with a $3,700.00 bill. The 11Alive Investigators discovered it’s up to you to clear those bad medical bills, and that could take […]

Your prescription drugs in the wrong hands can be deadly. Every year you hear stories about people who die from taking medicine prescribed to someone else. But there’s also another danger if someone gets a hold of your pill bottles […]

Updated Rhode Island legislation hopes to cut down on medical identity theft and other issues from data breaches. Medical identity theft is just one potential issue that recent Rhode Island legislation hopes to solve. Set to go into effect on […]