Cyber crime is quickly becoming one of the greatest threats to businesses, government institutions and individuals.

This year alone, victims of one type, ransomware, lost $5 billion dollars.

In the world of the dark web, 2017 is defined by devastating cyber attacks like the Equifax breach.

Here are Top 7 Cyber Security Threats for 2018:

  • 1. Health Insurance Hacks. Medical identity theft is the most serious form of ID theft both personally and financially, it’s the only form of Identity theft that can actually kill you and it’s getting worse.
  • 2. Cryptocurrency Scams
  • 3. Ransomware Spike
  • 5. Natural Disaster Scams
  • 6. Attacks on Infrastructure
  • 7. Hacking the “Internet of Things”

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By Diane Lee, WSPA 7 News CBS, December 13, 2017