2017 Know Your Patient (KYP) Training Guide

This training deck for use by healthcare providers to aid in their understanding of medical identity fraud and to inform their processes regarding patient identity.

Key points include:

1. Definition of Know Your Patient and its importance.

2. Understanding your patient identity risks.

3. Identity proofing and verification, including validation checks.

4. Gathering proofing materials.

It also includes a links to standards and other useful information regarding identity management.

The information in the slide deck does not constitute “best practices” or “industry guidelines” and should not be viewed as such. The information may be used as a general body of knowledge and reference material.

The information is meant to be used and adapted to a variety of organizations and is not meant as a one-size-fits-all guide to patient identity verification.

Users of any information offered in this paper should adapt it to their individual environments.

Download the slide deck here.

Supplemental information on synthetic identity fraud